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You’ll receive affordable legal representation.
You will get the bankruptcy representation you need at a price you can afford. 

You’ll get invaluable experience.
   You’ll have the resources of a Chapter 7 Fort Wayne Bankruptcy Attorney with over 40 years experience.

You’ll gain a whole new start.

Three Rivers Bankruptcy will bring to you a knowledgeable approach that assures you a fresh start.

 We will explain to you how a Chapter 7 bankruptcy can help you:

    Keep your home and car by reaffirming  your mortgage or car loan;  keep other assets through the use of property exemptions; and  get rid of wage garnishments ;                                                                                  
                                                            You'll get cutting edge technology

 Three Rivers Bankruptcy uses the most up-to-date cutting edge technology to ensure the most reliable, fast and accurate preparation of your bankruptcy.

                                             Internet Search for Law Suits and Prior Bankruptcy Filings

 At the initial consultation we will do an Allen County law suit search to locate any law suits to which you are or were a party and to identify any outstanding garnishment orders. We will also do a search with the federal bankruptcy court to locate any previous bankruptcy cases which may prevent you from filing.

                                                             Internet Questionnaire

 Three Rivers Bankruptcy also uses a proprietary interactive web site where you can complete a bankruptcy questionnaire that will provide us with information necessary to prepare your bankruptcy documents. While you work on the bankruptcy questionnaire, we will be able to monitor your progress and actively assist you along the way to ensure swift and accurate completion of the questionnaire.   Once the questionnaire has been completed by you, we will immediately review all your answers to ensure that we have all the information that we need to prepare your bankruptcy. If additional information is needed we will send you an email detailing the exact information that we still need. Once we have all the information, your bankruptcy will be ready for you to sign within one business day.

 Internet Classes

 The bankruptcy code requires you to take a budget class prior to filing bankruptcy. A certificate of completion of this class needs to be filed with the court at the same time as your bankruptcy. Bankruptcy law also requires that you take a financial management class after your bankruptcy is filed in order to obtain a discharge of your debts. Our office will provide you with a website where for $10.00 you will be able to take these classes over the internet from the convenience of your home. The certificates showing completion of these classes will be emailed to our office and they will be filed electronically with the court. We will then send you an email, confirming that the certificates have been received and your bankruptcy has been filed.


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